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ON FRIDAY, 22 JAN 2021

Rabbi’s Classes & Lectures

  • Derech Eretz

  • Guest Lectures

  • The La Jolla Eruv

    The La Jolla Eruv is a community eruv constructed and maintained by Congregation Adat Yeshurun under the Halachic guidance of Rabbi A. Teichman and our Rav, Jeffrey Wohlgelernter. It is checked each week and a notification goes out each Thursday as to its status. Although it is checked officially, every one of us drives by the boundaries of the eruv almost daily. If you ever notice anything out of the ordinary please call the Rabbi or the Shul office.

  • Pirkey Avos – Ethics of the Fathers

    We know that Jewish law comes from Sinai, but where do Jewish Ethics come from? Our Rabbis teach us that they too come from Sinai. Direct from Moshe from Hashem. These teachings have been transmitted in the form of six chapters of Mishna edited by Rabbi Judah the Prince.

    This series of classes deals with the ethics that form the basis of Jewish life and values. Each class is a stand-alone lecture, not connected to previous classes

  • Pre – Holiday Classes

    These classes help us prepare spiritually for each of the upcoming holidays. They cover a range of topics from Halachic to the philosophical. They give us a great opportunity to review the basic principles of each Chag while we open ourselves to the spiritual gifts each holiday brings us

  • Pre – RH class

  • Pre-Yom Kippur Class

  • Prophets Mishlei

  • Wednesday Night Prophets

    Mishlei, Proverbs, the wisdom of King Solomon. Verse by verse King Solomon teaches us about our lives, how to maximize our existence, and live life to the fullest. Exciting classes present this ancient wisdom in a most timely way.

  • Prophets Mishlei

  • Special Lectures

    From time to time, the Rabbi gives special lectures, as well as, guest speakers that pass through our Shul. These lectures are on a variety of topics from a variety of speakers.

  • This Weeks Classes

  • What’s a Jew to do?

  • Tuesday Women’s Class

    Ramchal, or Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto, wrote the work Mesilas Yesharim, or path of the Just, during the 18th Century. The purpose of this work is to focus on perfection of character. We often lead busy lives, so totally bogged down with the details of life that we get so little time and opportunity to consider who we are and where we are going. These lectures afford us an opportunity to explore the words of Luzatto and apply them to our lives!

  • Wednesday Women’s Class

    We began with studying the laws of lashon Hara. Week by week we uncovered the truths of guarding your tongue.

    In April we made a switch and began to study Ethics of the Fathers, with an eye towards uncovering basic Jewish thought and philosophy.