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Congregation Adat Yeshurun

We are an Orthodox synagogue located on the east side of La Jolla Scenic Drive North close to Highway 5 and La Jolla Village Drive and Ardath Road in La Jolla, California.

The community was started 30 years ago with one family and now consists of approximately 300 families. Rabbi Daniel Reich is the Rabbi of the congregation and runs an extensive Adult Education program for every level of Jewish learning. The classes are open to members and non-members. A list of classes is enclosed. We have a vibrant Youth Program, which include Shabbat morning groups, NCSY and Chillin with the Rabbi activities.

We are a Congregation made up of many types of Jews, and pride ourselves on the ability for everyone to feel involved and connected. The warmth and friendliness of our congregation is apparent and can be experienced every Shabbat during Kiddush. We are proud of our new building and premises, which were completed in August 2001. The sanctuary is built around our beautiful Bimah and Aron Kadesh, and displays our extensive library. We have a beautiful women’s mikvah. A vessel mikvah is also available to the community. Both members and non-members may rent our new facility for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, bris and birthday celebrations. Our shul sets up stunningly for parties and many local caterers have praised our kitchen.

Our Shul is an active, growing, vibrant community that would love to welcome you in its midst. We have programming for all ages. Some of our great programs include: Chanukah party; Purim Spiel and Seudah; Yom Kippur Break fast; Sukkah Barbecue; Shavuot Dinner and all night learning, children’s programs; youth groups; and shabbas morning children’s groups.

For additional information about our shul and membership please call (858) 535-1196, or visit our website at or email us.


Our sanctuary is an incredibly unique design that was conceived by Marc Steele who won many prestigious awards for its design.  The shul captures the very essence of the community in that it is a learning space conducive to knowledge, growth and reflection.  From the wooden roof to being surrounded by books, it exudes a warmth and creates an inviting place for prayer and study.

The ark, the ner tamid and the bimah were designed and built by the rabbi’s father, putting a very personal touch, and lending kavod to the sanctuary.

Facilities Rental

Our shul dresses up beautifully both inside and out.  It is an incredible space to have a simcha both on Shabbas and during the week from weddings to bar mitzvahs; from bat mitzvahs to engagement parties, the shul has the capacity to house simchas of many sizes.

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If you would like to use our Facilities for a Simcha or Meeting please contact our office at or call our office at 858-535-1196.