ON FRIDAY, 19 APR 2019

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ON FRIDAY, 19 APR 2019

Welcome to
Congregation Adat Yeshurun!

Congregation Adat Yeshurun is a vibrant Jewish community in the heart of La Jolla (“The Jewel”), California where we are blessed with beautiful weather year-round. Our membership is diverse, coming from many different countries and backgrounds, blending together to create a welcoming atmosphere of caring and spiritual growth. Not all of our members come from an Orthodox background, but we all come to Adat Yeshurun to grow spiritually and intellectually, and to increase our understanding of Judaism and what it means to be an observant Jew.  Join us for classes or services and experience it yourself!

Important Information and Upcoming Events

Limited Re-opening of the La Jolla Mikvah effective 4/19/2019 and fully operational effective 4/29/2019

Dear Friends,

As you know we have been remodeling the Mikvah and working feverishly to finish as quickly as possible so that our Mikvah is open for business.

As of 4/18/2019 it appears that the Mikvah itself will be functional for Shabbos and Yom Tov, and if necessary, during the week of Chol Hamoed. It should be fully operational by Monday, April 29th.

What this means is that until April 29th all of your preparations will need to be done at home and only the Tevillah can be done in the Mikvah.

We are excited that we are able to begin resuming our regular Mikvah operations and in less than two weeks resume normal Mikvah operations. Please spread the word – THE MIKVAH IS BACK!

Keep posted for the official Mikvah Dedication Event which will take place sometime in June.

The Mikvah phone line has been off during the remodel and won’t be up and running until 4/19/19. If you have any questions about the Mikvah, or would like to make an appointment for a mikveh appointment, please email Shoshie at At this moment this will be the only means of communication with the Mikvah. A Mikvah attendant will call you back. Please be sure to include your telephone number in your email. We will send an email notification when you may call the mikvah phone line to make your appointments.

Rabbi Wohlgelernter




Save the Date – 32nd Annual Fundraiser Gala!




Check Out the Many Youth Programs at Adat

For Information contact our Assistant Rabbi, Rabbi Reich

Boys & Girls Club Future Dates:

Boys Club – 4/3/19 and 5/1/19

Girls Club – 4/10/19 and 5/8/19

Final Boys & Girls Club Combined Grand Slam Event for the end of the school year – Wednesday, May 15th!  Stay Tuned for Details.



Check Out the Learning Opportunities at Adat





Poland & Israel Mission Trip 2019

Please contact the Synagogue Office at (858) 535-1196 Opt 1 for information.


Strength of Our Community

Our community is comprised of a cohesive supportive group of committed individuals who become our families as we share closeness and caring in times of joy and in times of hardship. Through shared meals and community events we experience a closeness and caring environment though many of us are far from our families of origin. The Adat community provides a warm welcome to all.